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Eva Harris Hill

The Class of 1960
Lincoln Community High School
Lincoln, Illinois

As for myself, Leigh, I am sure you can tell by the yearbook, I married prior to our 1960 graduation, and.... I am still married to the same man, 40+ years later.  In brief, we have 2 daughters, and 2 precious grandchildren.  My husband is a retired Det/Sgt. from the Lincoln Police Department, and I spent 20 years as the secretary at Holland & Barry Funeral Home/Logan County Coroner's office (interesting work, to say the least!!!).  

Presently (to keep from going the proverbial retirement bonkers), I work part-time for our friends/neighbors, Lee & Jan Gurga, at their dental office in Lincoln, Apple Dental Center.  I enjoy it tremendously.  It keeps me out and among the people, and I can work the hours, days, etc., that I want or don't want,in other words. 

For a little background, Leigh......With the technical assistance (in other words, the computer whiz ability - definitely NOT my computer ability!)of my niece, I set up a webpage, a couple years ago, for a very much loved childhood "Podunker" friend of mine, Carrol Reynolds. We did it for her - simply - as she was "terminal" and I wanted her to see it and to know how much I loved her and how much our friendship throughout the trials of the years meant to me.  Carrol has since passed away, but will always be remembered and her "site" is there for her family, who visit it still.  She was a part of my life that will always be treasured.  

Several of my classmates had seen and commented on the site at reunion time, and I mentioned that if they wished to set up a class reunion site, I was sure that my niece would be happy to assist.  However, after seeing your site, Leigh, I think someone who is familiar with our class, and especially a classmate, would be the perfect choice for our "Class of 1960" webmaster. As I mentioned earlier, this is only my opinion - but one which I would definitely stress if asked.