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Janet Kerpan Southerlan

Class of 1960
Lincoln Community High School
Lincoln, Illinois

Sent: Friday, April 27, 2001 12:09 PM
Subject: Re: LCHS Class of 1960

Leigh - just though I would write a short bio to be shared with the class. 

Janet (Kerpan) Southerlan - Phoenix has been our home for 3l years but now
since Marv retired, we spend the summers in Flagstaff where it's about 25
degrees cooler.  I'm involved in my church (CrossRoads Methodist) as a member
of the Staff Parish committee presently, and also a grateful member of
Al-Anon where I serve as a Group Representative.  We've done quite a lot of
traveling over the years and return to Maui as often as possible.  He has
been playing in the Kaanapali Seniors' Tournament for the past several years
which is held in October.  Our daughter, Dena, 29 is in the process of moving
to Avon, Colorado (near Vail and Beaver Creek) and since I love to ski, I'm
looking forward to spending more time in that area.  I'm also into hiking,
having hiked in the Grand Canyon to Phantom Ranch twice, with another trek
planned for this fall.  My parents and brother moved to the Valley in l984.  
Mother and Dad are both gone but Joe still lives in Scottsdale and visits us
often.  We have just taken on the responsiblity of TWO cockers spaniel
puppies, Daisy and Dusty, and they are keeping us busy!  It's been about
three years since we were in Lincoln but hope to return before too long.  

Leigh, I'm glad you mentioned about being involved in the Presbyterian
church.  That's what I remember about you, being in the church more than from
school.  I remember your mother, too, and I was thinking you had a sister.  
We probably joined the church at the same time, but the only thing I remember
is what I told Allison about having the same dress as Rhoda on that Maundy
Thursday!  Osage Beach is where my aunt and uncle live as well as my cousin,
Chuck Brown, his wife, Sheri and their four children.  Chuck and Sheri own
and manage the Holiday Inn Express and Ramada Inn there.  Chuck is about l5
years younger than I am but his mom and mine were very close even though the
sisters were ll years apart.  Also, I know that Gene Burwell, who went to
school in Beason where my husband, Marv is from, has a beautiful home on the
lake.  I guess there are a lot of people from Central Illinois who spend time
there.  My cousin, Chuck used to drive down from Springfield, Illinois almost
every week-end before they finally moved to the area.  Then a few years
later, they talked his parents into moving down which was certainly the best
idea.  They are both in poor health, although they are not that old plus he
is an only child.  I didn't plan to give you my family history but when you
mentioned Osage Beach, I just decided to tell you about my family there.  I
don't have much family left and our family was always small to begin with so
we do keep in touch.  Thanks again to you for all that you've done for our
class!  Janet   P.S. As far as I know, Rev. Burns who is now 93 still lives
in the Valley (Tempe).  His first wife died a number of years ago (I'm sure
you remember her) and he remarried a lovely lady.  He lived in San Diego for
many years but moved to Tempe some years ago and they are in a retirement
village.  Marilyn Burns, her husband and son live in Tucson.  I saw her once
when I was down there visiting Rev. Burns.  

Click on the image below in order to see the story of the legendary Kerpan Grocery on Chicago Street as described in the Lincoln Courier:





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