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Linda Rademaker Chamberlain

The Class of 1960
Lincoln Community High School
Lincoln, Illinois

Linda Chamberlain (Rademaker) wrote:

Dear Brad,

I don't have Lincoln news as I moved away after graduation and
never returned.  I became a medical technologist and worked in Chicago and
LA and then in Phoenix.  At that point I moved to Hawaii.  My parents had
relocated  there after winning a contest and having a wonderful trip.  I was
there 25 years.  I am divorced and have one son.  He is in the US Marine Corps
and getting ready to go to Quantico for training to do Embassy work.  If
everything works out he wll be gone almost 3 years.  They have asked
him to study the language of one of our enemies and perhaps be an

Amazing how his life is developing.  I moved back to Arizona to try to
make more sense out of my income before I retire.  Not sure if I will go
back to Hawaii.  That is very much home to us but we'll see what happens.  I
was only in Lincoln 3 years. It was a transition for me.  Well, I have to
go to work.  

When I left Hawaii I prayed alot that God would send me where He
needed help.  I have ended up along side of the Navajo Reservation in
Arizona.  The hospital I work at is the only one between Flagstaff and
Gallop, NM.  We take care of traumas and send them out after they are
stabile.  We have a wonderful flight team.  I end up working alot
because we don't get alot of people to stay in this location.  I am waiting for
this to  unfold  for me. We have good equipment and it is okay for me.  It is
desolate here.  Bye for now.

 Hello Linda,

 Thanks for a great message. It was so good to hear of you and your life.
I hope you don't mind, but I am going to copy Leigh Henson on this. I want him
to read  it, and comment. I think he will like it too. You have a very
interesting  story to tell. It is just the kind of thing that would help Leigh's web site
attract  more of our LCHS '60 classmates. He has a real campaign going to get
more e-mail address for our class.

We all must tell our stories. They are part of history. I got a little
carried away with mine, but I felt compelled to do it. Maybe yours would be an
encouragement to others to do the same. I have so much respect for you
and  the work you are doing. Sometimes I feel guilty for my "big city" lifestyle
and wish I was doing something like you are. God bless you Linda. Keep in

Best regards,

Brad Dye





Hi!  I don't mind my story being used.  I have had  little contact with my
classmates since leaving.  I wonder if they will remember me.  Janet
(Kerpan) Southerlan has always stayed in touch with me.  I have had quite a
life and alot of things happened.  Sometimes I want to write a an
autobiography  but I don't know if I could pull it together effectively.  If
you have any advice for me in doing such a thing I would greatly appreciate
it.   Thanks for considering me.