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Directory & Contributions

There was a child went forth every day,
And the first object he look'd upon, that object he became,
And that object became part of him for the day or a certain part of a day,
Or for many years or stretching cycles of years.    Walt Whitman

* * * * *

I exist as I am, that is enough;
If no other in the world be aware, I sit content,
And if each and all be aware, I sit content.    Walt Whitman

* * * * *

     Note:  Please read the following information before you click on the links below in the table format.  Some of the links are to information in html format (Web pages); some of the links are to information in portable data format (pdf), which requires Acrobat Reader.  Free server space is a mixed blessing:  sometimes the links to pdf formatted information below successfully open in Acrobat Reader, sometimes not.  Thus, I have created a directory page on another server that you can go to if the pdf links below do not open their respective files.

     Click anywhere on this sentence to go to the alternative page to view the directory and access links to pdf information.

* * * * *

    Compiling this directory has been trickier than you might think.  (My mind is non-mathematical, and alphabetizing and counting are tedious, so watch out for stupid errors.  Well, that about covers all of my tail.)  When I began, I worked with just two sources at hand: The 1960 Lincolnite and the 35th Reunion Booklet, and I added a couple of names from memory (e.g., Bradley Fox).  Then, I requested and received more information from the 40th Reunion Committee, which sent an updated list of classmates, email addresses, and a copy of the graduation program (with special thanks to Pete Smiley and Jon Diers).  Let me know of other additions or corrections, including spelling corrections.  The alphabetical order uses ladies' maiden names.  Names of classmates married to one another are paired.

    The Commencement Exercises program lists 163 graduates.  It most likely names only those at the ceremony, excluding graduates who chose not to walk across the stage for their various personal reasons.  Also, I wonder if there were any graduates at the ceremony whose names were erroneously omitted from the printed Commencement Exercises.  The list presented here attempts to include all classmates.  I solicit your corrections and additions, as well as your patience.

    Determining other content of the directory & contributions page presents a greater challenge.  What should it contain or not?  I am comfortable publishing information that has appeared in the press or is publicly available through the Internet:  specifically, email addresses and Web site material.  If you have a Web site/page and want a link to it posted on this page, just send me the URL.  Some other information appears here as a result of brief search engine inquiry.

    I do not, however, feel comfortable publishing other career-related information and certainly not personal and family-related information without permission.  Yet, that kind of information is most significant and interesting.  So, there is the dilemma.

    It is appropriate for me to wait for people to give permission (or request) to publish such information.  Thus, if you wish any personal or career-related information posted, including geographical addresses, phone numbers, etc., let me know.  Also tell me if there is any new information you would like to present on this page.  Similarly, tell me if I have published something that you do not want on the Internet or that needs correction.  

The Class of 1960 Email Addresses to Date  Send additions and corrections for typos.  If you discover that a classmate obtains an email address and you email that person, feel free to send the Internet address of this Web site in case that person wants his or her email address here.  Alphabetical listing uses ladies' maiden names. Updated 6-21-01.

David Armbrust
Jim Benner
John Burt
Diane (Caplinger) Farmer
David Carpenter
Gerry Dehner
Keetra (Dial) Geriets
Jon Diers
Brad Dye
Joe Foutch
Jeff Frantz
Jeff Edwin Fults
Dan Gaydosh
Barb (Geary) Cicci
Ralph Gelhbach
Donna (Geriets) Miles
Jerry Gibson
Bob Glick
Richard Goad
Bob Goebel
Eva (Harris) Hill
Mike Hayes
Paul Hegele
Don Heinzel
Judith (Heinzel) Gordon
Sally (Heinzel) Brackney
Leigh Henson
Rhoda Holland
Wellington "Bud" Huffaker, III
George Janet
Janet (Kerpan) Southerlan
Thomas Kurtz
Carolyn (Leonard) Fehring
Gary Lisk
Judy (Lohrenz) Perkins
Alice (Loomis) Wilmert
Bob Madigan
John (Steve) Mallinson
Jerry Melton
Steve Miller
Ron Musick
(Pat) Trish (Orr) Altschul
Robert Pharis
George "Ivan" Pokorski
Linda (Rademaker) Chamberlain
Richard Randall
Rosemary (Rich) Parker
Janet "Pete" (Ritchhart) Smiley
Marvin Schroeder
Norman Schroeder
Vicky (Spangler) Craig
Elizabeth "Liz" (Stringer) Lolling
Nelson Teichmann
Don Ware
Joe Webb
Janice (Wertin) Parks
Don Wolpert
Milinda (Woodward) Wolf
Thom Zimmerman

Other LCHS Online Alums from Mid-20th Century, Year of Graduation, and Internet Address (send additions/corrections to

Herbert Altman, 1956
Marion (Ballard) Barrett, 1959
Carla (Balster) Schmock, 1954
Carole (Bates) Pribyl, 1959
Lloyd Dean Benedict, 1959
Bonnie (Clark) Littrell, 1962
Fred & Marge (Coogan) Blanford, 1959
Jerry Crum, 1958
Pam (Dye) Goldfaden, 1962
Linda Fay, 1963
Russell "Rusty" Fleshman, 1959
Wayne Frantz, 1956
Ron Freeman, 1958;       
Vic Gibson, 1959
Carolyn (Hale) Kurtz, 1959
Janet Halsey, 1962
Mike Hamilton, 1958  or
Nancy Hatfield, 1956
Darold Henson, 1936
Linda (Henson) Nelson, 1964
Cora Sue (Hodgdon) Phillips, 1959 
Janice (Hoepfner) Loeffelholz, 1961
Keith Huff, 1955
Gail (Huffaker) Kemper, 1955
Lynn Kavelman, 1959
Travis Kirk, 1959
Keith Leesman, 1968
Gwen (Lisk) Koda, 1959
Gerry Masterson, 1961
Colleen (Miller, 1964) & Terry Spurling, 1963
Joyce (Ogden) Gibson, 1959
Jerrie (Owen) Pharis, 1962
John Poloney, 1961
Pat Reeves, 1963
Paul "Pete" Ross, 1961
David Salyers, 1958
Linda (Sparks) Barrick, 1961
John Swingle, 1957
Carol (Werth) Hagerty, 1955
Don Whitacre, 1958
Brant Williams, 1961
Iola Wilson, 1964
Marilyn (Yeates) Weingarz, 1958

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1960 Photos of Classmates, Faculty,  & Staff

Mementos, including The Railsplitter 5-60

Reunion Photos


Links & Things

     Look for growth and development of new information as classmates submit their autobiographical sketches, anecdotes, memoirs, and other (contact?) information.  When that begins to happen, there will be a link, using a classmate's name, to a separate Web page devoted to that person's information.  This organizational strategy will prevent the need for endless scrolling on this page. Send name changes and spelling corrections.

     The Reunion Committee needs geographical addresses for some classmates.  "Addresss unknown" appears in this directory for those classmates.  If you know the geographical address of a classmate or have a lead on such a person's location, please email Pete (Ritchhart) Smiley or Jon Diers.  Send email addresses to Leigh Henson.

Personal and Family Information

Career-Related Information

1. J.D. and 
2. Linda (Barringer) Aeilts
  • J.D. retired as social studies teacher and department head at Morton Community High School, Morton, IL, 1994.


3. Dorothy (Aldridge) Irvin  


4. Karen (Allen) Weaver
address incomplete:  Golden, Co


5. Dean Altman  


6. Virginia (Ambrose) Mowry  


7.  Dale Aper

8. Judith (Aper) McCray and  
9. Leroy McCray 


10. David Armbrust  


11. Larry Bacon  


12. Bob Barry  


13. Mike Barry (deceased)

14. Carol Barth
address unknown


15. Koert Bartman
address unknown


16. Eva (Beaver) Ott  


17. Jim Benner  


18. Mike Bennis  


19. Linda (Berryman) Callesen  


20. Jack Bingham
address unknown


21. Dan Bock  


22. Jim Booth  


23. David Boyd

24. Jim Brackney  


25. Donna Brake 
address unknown

26. John Burt  


27. Robert Camillone
address unknown


28. Diane (Caplinger) Farmer  


29. David Carpenter  


30. James Cavender
address unknown


31. Ron Castor (deceased)  


32. Bonnie (Cecil) Farmer  


33. Alan Clever  


34. Johnathan Clymer
address unknown


35. John Coombs  


36. Linda (Cooper) Wolters  


37. Myrna (Creager) Carroll

38. David Culleton  


39. Tom Culnan  


40. Judy (Cummings) Spencer
address unknown

41. Rayetta (Cutlip) Walker

42. Gerry Dehner


43. Robert Dent
address unknown

44. Carol Dial
address unknown

45. Keetra (Dial) Geriets  


46. Jon Diers  


47. Dianna (Diersing) Richardson  


48. Melvin Dorsett  


49. Judy (Douglas) Farris  


50. Barry Dutz

51. Brad Dye     Lincoln Web site

   professional Web site


52. Paul Eckert

53. Albert Eckstein (d. 1995)

54. Janet (Elkins) Fiore  


55. John Feldman  


56. Diana (Fitzsimmons) Jacobs  


57. Mary Forehand
address unknown


58. Joe Foutch  


59. Bradley Fox (d. 1961?)  


60. Peter Franz  


61. Kenson Fuller (deceased)  


62. Jeff Edwin Fults  


63. Dan Gaydosh  


64. Barb (Geary) Cicci  


65. Ralph Gehlbach
      click for more


66. Roger Gehlbach  (d. 9-7-2000)  


67. Dick George  


68.  Donna (Geriets) Miles

69.  Ronnie Geskey
address unknown


70. Jerry Gibson  


71. Jo (Gipson) Aylesworth  


72. John Gleason  


73. Nancy (Gleason) Read  


74. Bob Glick  


75. Richard Goad  


76. Bob Goebel
      click for more

77. Jean (Goldhammer) Meier  


78. Shirley Gornick  


79. Grace (Guzzardo) Ware


80. Eva (Harris) Hill
click for more


81. Ann (Hauffe) DeJaeger  


82. Mike Hayes  


83. Paul Hegele  


84. Norman Heins  


85. Don Heinzel  


86. Judith (Heinzel) Gordon
       click for more


87. Sally (Heinzel) Brackney  


88. Leigh Henson
      click for more
  • Retired teacher of English from Pekin Community High School, 1994
  • 1998, tenured Associate Professor of English, Southwest Missouri State University (Springfield, MO), Web site
89. Jerry Hertzfeldt  


90. Sandra (Hickey) Meador  


91. Allen Hoffert  


92. Larry Holderfield
address unknown


93. Rhoda Holland  


94. Judy Hoover
address unknown


95.  Wanita (Hopp) Przykopanski

96. Bill Houghton  


97. Mike Hudkins

98. Bud Huffaker  


99. Susan Humphrey
address unknown


100. Roy Hurley (deceased)  


101. David Huskisson
address unknown


102. Sherry Imanaka
address unknown


103. Ione (Irish) Elliott  


104. George Janet 
  • Regional Superintendent of Schools, 
    Web site


105. Don Jones  


106. Judy (Jones) Ollis

107. Janet (Kerpan) Southerlan
         click for more


108. Barbara Keys
address unknown


109. Mike Keys  


110. William Keys
address unknown

111. Sylvia (Kirk) Wampler  


112. David Klockenga  


113. Jack Knollenberg  


114. Robert Kodatt
address unknown


115. Barbara (Krotz) Kirk  


116. Larry Krueger  


117. Luann (Kuhlman) Hoback  


118. Tom Kurtz  


119. Carolyn (Leonard) Fehring
         click for more


120. Judith (Leonard) Bellamy  


121. Byron Liesman
address unknown

122.  Gary Lisk

123.  Jane (Logan) Perry

124. Judith (Lohrenz) Perkins  


125. Alice (Loomis) Wilmert  


126. Joe Looney  


127.  Luanne (Lorentz) Koester

128. David Lovelace

129. Bob Madigan


130. Steve Mallinson  


131. Fred Martin  


132. James Mason

133. Virginia (Maurer) Smith  


134. Nettie Maxey (deceased, 
                     Stone Mountain, Tennessee)

135.  Dean Maxheimer
address unknown

136.  Helen McBryant
address unknown

137.  Sara (McGowan) Hinman
address unknown


138.  Mickey McKay
address unknown


139. Jerry Melton  


140. Glenna (Miller) Read  


141. Steve Miller  


142. Ray Milleville
address unknown


143.  Katherine (Mitchell) Liesman

144. Steve Morehead (d. 5-26-01)  


145. Ron Musick  


146. Jerry and 
147. Brenda (Shelton) Newberry

148. Andrew Nichols
address unknown

149. Harold Ording (deceased)  


150. (Pat) Trish (Orr) Altschul  


151. Sandra (Osborn) Young  


152. James Otte
address unknown


153. Emma May (Overby) Boyd
address unknown

154. Elaine Parent
address unknown


155. Larry Peek
address unknown


156. Deanna (Pence) Voyles  


157. Peggy Perdue (deceased)  


158. Ron Peterson  


159. Carolyn Petro  


160. Bob Pharis  


161. George "Ivan" Pokorski  


162. Linda (Rademaker) Chamberlain
        click for more


163. Clara (Ramlow) Stewart


164. Richard Randall  


165. Carolyn Randl
address unknown


166. Joan Reineke
address unknown


167. Rosemary (Rich) Parker  


168. Janet "Pete" (Ritchhart) Smiley  


169.  Charles Routson (deceased)

170. Ruthetta Rush  


171. Margaret Sager
address unknown


172. Pat (Sahs) Zgaga  


173. Alice (Schmidt) Jensen 


174.  Ruth Ann Schrader

175. Marvin Schroeder  


176. Norman Schroeder  


177. Arlene Simon
address unknown


178. Shelby Small  


179. Mike Smith  


180. Larry Soberg

181. Vicky (Spangler) Craig  


182. Bess (Sparks) Newhouse  


183. Shirley (Sparks) Conaway

184. Vern Stanfield
address unknown


185. Donna Steffens (deceased)  


186. Shirley Steffens
address unknown


187. Phil Steinhauer (deceased)  


188. Sharon (Stengel) Purviance  


189. Marilyn (Stoll) Long  


190. Cindy (Stoltz) Smith  


191. Wanda (Stoltzenburg) Lolling
address unknown


192. Liz (Stringer) Lolling
     Web site #3 is under construction.


193. Glendon Surbeck
address unknown


194. Nelson Teichman  


195. Fred Treach  


196. Ray Truethart  


197. Don Ware  


198. Joe Webb
  • Associate Professor of Homiletics at Claremont State University, Web site


199. Tom Werth  


200. Janice (Wertin) Parks  


201. Phyllis (Wilson) Schmidt  


202. Don Wolpert  


203. Jack Woodard  


204. Milinda (Woodard) Wolf  


205. Thom Zimmerman



Everybody loved Chick Lorimer in our town.
         Far off
         Everybody loved her.
So we all love a wild girl keeping a hold
On a dream she wants.
Nobody knows now where Chick Lorimer went.
Nobody knows why she packed her trunk. . .a few old things.
And is gone,
                    Gone with her little chin
                    Thrust ahead of her
                    And her soft hair blowing careless
                    From under a wide hat,
Dancer, singer, a laughing passionate lover.

Were there ten men or a hundred hunting Chick?
Were there five men or fifty with aching hearts?
                    Everybody loved Chick Lorimer,
                    Nobody knows where she's gone.    Carl Sandburg

*  *  *  *  *

We have seen some
       suffering, baby.
It has not always been perfect.

After all this time
After all is said and done.

Darling, we know it
Whatever may come
We can get through it.

After all this time
After all is said and done.  The popular vocalist, Sade

* * * * *
And since to look at things in bloom
Fifty springs are little room,
About the woodlands I will go
To see the cherry hung with snow.    A.E. Housman



1960 Photos of Classmates, Faculty,  & Staff

Mementos, including The Railsplitter 5-60

Reunion Photos


Links & Things